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Portfolio of Services

•    Community Relations
•    Consumer Market Research
•    Creative Design and Development
•    Diversity and Inclusion Consulting
•    Marketing and Planning
•    Media Training
•    Program and Product Implementation
•    Public Relations
•    Social Media Tactic Building and Management

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Target Audiences

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ)

The GoodCompany team has learned through our work with the LGBTQ community that it is one of the most loyal and educated consumer groups. Armed with more than $917 billion in buying power, they are also dedicated and high consumers of quality products and brands. LGBT consumers highly appreciate and support brands that respect and are genuinely and consistently present in their community.

We know what works and what does not work to effectively reach and maintain credability among LGBT consumers, and work with brands that wish to drive brand awareness, loyalty, and equity within the LGBT community.


African-American Consumer Market

The African-American consumer market is one of the most influential and powerful consumer segments in the nation.  With more than $1.2 trillion in spending power that includes everything from automobiles and hygiene products to clothing and electronic goods, African-Americans are excelling as one of the strongest consumer spending targets.

GoodCompany has been fortunate enough to hear and see firsthand how this power-spending group responds to companies and brands that respect their hard-earned dollars.  When brands show they appreciate a consumer groups’ dollars, consumers respond accordingly by continuing to purchase their products and services.

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Cauliflower and Kale Soup


GoodCompany’s healthcare industry knowledge has allowed us to understand firsthand how consumers and industry leaders must work together to achieve success – both from a business perspective and through the delivery of quality and compassionate care. Whether you’re a hospital or community-based health care center, the GoodCompany team has experience working on various types of campaigns including infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, healthy eating and obesity as we thoroughly understand what it takes for healthcare organizations to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment.


From our kick-off meeting to the moment of execution – flawless. And the analytics told the success story of our journey.

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